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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”, this is one of my favorite quotes from Benjamin Franklin.  It can be applied to so many aspects of our lives both personally and professionally.  In the Small to Medium business space we too often see businesses failing to plan and address the unpleasant topic of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.  Most companies fool themselves into thinking that their IT Disaster Recovery Plan is sufficient as long as they have a backup of their data.  While having a good backup is key to any plan it is just the first step.  One must look more closely at the Recovery phase.

“How much down-time can my business tolerate?”  That is the first question that should be answered.  Quantifying the cost of downtime can be a challenge.  I could quote several studies which suggest that an hour of downtime equates to “x” amount of dollars.  The fact of the matter is the cost is different for every company.  2 hours of downtime for some could be crippling while other companies could manage 2 days of downtime without too much interruption.  The good news is that there are solutions available to accommodate everyone along the spectrum.  Historically minimal downtime could only be achieved by implementing costly, redundant, and complicated solutions found only in the Enterprise space.  Thankfully technology has advanced to the point where Enterprise solutions are available and affordable to Small and Medium sized businesses.

No two companies are exactly the same and we understand that.  Let F1-Networks assist you with creating, implementing, and testing a Disaster Recovery Plan.  By identifying critical business systems and processes we can designed a plan specifically for your business.

Failing to plan should no longer be an option.